Terms and Conditions 

Scheduling/ Cancellation: J&L Budget Tree Service, LLC will arrive on scheduled performance date. Schedules are dependent upon weather, accidents, emergency work due to storms and other delays beyond our control. J&L Budget Tree Service, LLC shall not be liable for such delays. It is required that the authorizing party provide at least 24 hours advance notice for cancellation. If a crew has been dispatched to the job site, a mobilization fee of $300.00 will be invoiced to the client for incurred expenses. Cancellation fees may apply to any notices given under 24 hours.



Expiration: Estimates/proposals are valid for 30 days from date written on this contract.



Debris Removal: All debris from tree removal or trimming operations shall be cleaned during or after job is completed. Lawn area shall be raked, streets & sidewalks shall be swept or blown. Logs, Brush, leaves, & all branches shall be removed from work site, unless otherwise coordinated by the client or foreman.



Stump Removal: All stumps shall be grind down to depth of 6-8" inches below ground surface unless otherwise written in the proposal. Unless specified in the proposal, stump debris/wood-chips removal is not included in the price quoted. Surface and subsurface roots beyond the stump are not removed unless specified on estimate/proposal.



Additional Work: Any additional work which is not written on proposal/contract and is authorized by client is subject to additional charges.



Commercial Daily Rate: Daily rate is based on 8 hours shift, Staring at 7:00 AM ending at 3:30 PM. Traveling time is included, After 3:30 PM an additional charge of $400 per hour will automatically be applied to invoice.



Unmarked Utilities: J&L Budget Tree Service, LLC is not responsible for damages to underground sprinklers, drain lines, fences or underground cables unless accurately mapped by the authorizing party and a copy is presented before or at the time the work is performed.



Lawn & Surfaces Damage/Repair: J&L Budget Tree Service, LLC will attempt to minimize all disturbances to the client's lawn and surfaces. However, we must utilize vehicles & equipment to perform tree care services. J&L Budget Tree Service, LLC shall not be liable for damages to landscaping, sod, plant material in the execution of its work or causes beyond their control (Examples: Ruts in yard due to wet conditions, limbs falling on flowerbeds, cracking of paved surfaces and/or sidewalk due to weight of trucks/equipment etc.).



Ownership: The authorizing party confirms that all trees listed are located on the client's property and if not, the authorizing party has received full permission from the owner of the property upon which work is to be conducted to allow J&L budget tree service to perform the outlined/written work. If any tree is mistakenly identified and cut down or trimmed, the client is fully responsible for any charges or damages.



Licenses/Permits: J&L Budget Tree Service, LLC is not responsible for the costs of permits, licenses, and/or bonds required to perform specified work under this contract. The client/property owner shall be responsible for obtaining and paying for necessary approval from governing entities.



Terms of Payments: Payment must be made within 30 days after the service has been completed.



 Penalties: If payments are late based on the above timelines, the non-paying party will face interest of the prime rate (5%).

The signed proposal acts as acknowledgment of agreement of responsibility for any court/attorney fees spent in attempt to collect balances.



Crane Work: A nonrefundable $200 deposit is required.

Types of Payment: Cash, Check, Bank transfer, Debit Card and Credit Card ( 3% Fee).



Returned Check Fee: There will be a $45.00 fee charged for all checks returned to our office for in-sufficient funds